Taxes & Impact on Jobs and Population:

Current situation: Among the highest taxes in U.S.; taxes used to fuel reckless spending; job losses to NYC and Boston; youth, families and retirees are leaving State and resulting smaller tax base

Proposed—phase out/eliminate:

  • Corporate income tax to keep large employers and business entity tax to help small businesses—both in order to create jobs
  • State income tax
  • Gift and estate taxes to keep retirees


Current situation: Majority of Nutmeggers displeased with State’s crumbling roads and bridges


  • Streamline approval process
  • Spend money sensibly
  • Encourage public-private partnerships/funding


Current situation: Achievement gap and lack of opportunity, especially in minority community


  • Reallocate funds to strategic areas, such as early childhood education
  • Expand STEM programs
  • Create literacy programs
  • Provide technology and guidance on how to use it to educate, research and advance
  • Encourage schools to help students identify and pursue a variety of career paths